Affiliate Program

How it works

Welcome to our affiliate program
  1. Simply register to become an affiliate to get your personalized referral link. Share our products and store across your social channels and to your audience, and then get 5%-15% commissions from every purchase.
  2. After receiving the products, share them on your social networks or create fun videos wearing our shirts, adding the #myhawaiianshirts tag, and don't forget to include your personalized referral link.
  3. After posting the video, please email us with your video link.
  4. We can reward your audience with special discounts when they buy via your referral link.
  5. We reserve the right to use your post information. We will collect photos and related comments from your posts. Sometimes, we may use this content. For example, we may feature your video content on our Facebook or website.
  6. If the content of your video is exciting enough, we will send traffic to your link, which will be more conducive to increasing the number of plays of your video and obtaining more orders.
  7. For any other questions, feel free to contact us at